The Xiaomi Mi S teaches its small size and great power -


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Friday, 23 December 2016

The Xiaomi Mi S teaches its small size and great power

It has leaked the design and all the features of Xiaomi MI S, an Android mobile very small in size but huge potential.

One of the biggest hits that some users put to the current mobile is its size and is that the standard diagonal is located at 5.5 inches although there are models that go above.

This for a majority is not a problem because it allows to have a bigger surface to read, to see videos or photos but for others it is a disadvantage since it can be uncomfortable the use with one hand.

Xiaomi is a brand that targets all segments and after proposals huge panels as the Xiaomi Mi Max or Xiaomi Mi MIX is repairing something at the other end, a mobile very small.

Xiaomi Mi S, with 4.6 inch screen

The filtration presented by the Xiaomi Mi S, always being aware that there could be variations with respect to the final product, shows us a mobile design somewhat modified but very large in size.

For this the Chinese manufacturer would have opted for a screen of 4.6 inches but with a resolution 1,920 × 1,080, which would give a high density of dots per inch.

The focus would be on the iPhone SE, the Apple model designed for those who want a terminal with the latest features but with a very compact size. In Android there is nothing similar, with the exception of Sony's Xperia Compact.

A power similar to that of the best Xiaomi

But mobile size more or less content there are several, about 5 inches even Xiaomi has several in its catalog. The novelty is that the technical features of this would be high-end.

The processor would be the Snapdragon 821, although we do not know if at 2.15 GHz as in the MI 5S or 2.35 GHz as in the Mi 5S Plus. It would have 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory.

It would have a rear camera of 12 Mpx with sensor IMX 378 and a front of 4 MPx, something that remembers more to the Mi 5 that to the present flagship of the company and where we would see a substantial cut is in the battery, of 2600 mAh. This is necessary given the smaller physical size of the mobile.

Despite the small size would have fingerprint sensor, in the front and with ultrasonic technology as in the Mi 5S, and USB Type C port.

No leaks have arisen from its price or its marketing although on December 23 the company has an event and maybe we know something else in it.

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