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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

These are all worlds and levels of Super Mario Run

The big bet of Nintendo for the market of mobile devices, Super Mario Run, will arrive in the next few days to the App Store around the world. The owners of an iPhone or iPad compatible finally able to visit the Mushroom Kingdom, to end the evil plans of Bowser.

Super Mario Run, give players a whole new perspective of the game and will allow, for the first time, play a game of our favorite plumber with one hand. Today, we look at the levels that Nintendo has prepared us for this release.

Through its official YouTube account, Nintendo has released a new video that gives us the opportunity to learn more about their new mobile game. As we can see, we find the variety of designs of classic Super Mario World, also full of secrets to discover.

Six worlds, and twenty-four levels ready to make us sweat the fat drop by touch. We can go both surface, how the caves, taking aim again how the castles of each level or aerial strengths. Will visit heaven and earth to rescue our beloved Princess Peach as any of the playable characters , you will find throughout the game.

All this, ready to make us have a good time. And if we're still lacking action, Super Mario Run offers two more game modes, among which the racing mode where scorecards will be our main opponents. Perform acrobatics, collect more coins, do all you can to win your friends in this frantic way you will battle to get the Toad to go with you.

And after traveling through the Mushroom Kingdom, do not forget to visit your kingdom to visit your new allies Carreras made in a way that will bring all kinds of great gifts to create the perfect kingdom.

Ready to leave your skin in Super Mario Run?

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