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Friday, 30 December 2016

These are Apple products discontinued in 2016

Every now Apple is leaving to manufacture some of their products that take longer on the market or have not finished curdle between users. On the other hand, they also discontinue support for some services, and in 2016 there are several Apple products that will stop being manufactured.

Always look forward to advance and Apple knows it very well, so is not afraid the pulse time to stop making a product. The American company has its reasons for doing this: technology that is outdated, resource allocation ...

With respect to 2016, one could say that is a year that will be remembered more for the products Apple has discontinued that which has launched. Do you want to know what those products Apple has set aside this year?

Apple products that have said goodbye this 2016
11-inch MacBook Air

Last October , Apple announced the MacBook Air was going to have a single version with 13 - inch screen. The 11-inch model is out and is no longer available for purchase.

Thunderbolt and LED Cinema Display

In July 2016 , Apple decided to stop making the Thunderbolt Display, the external display high - resolution MacBook and iMac users. A perfect choice to use as the second screen of the computer or to see the screen of the laptop in larger size.

Airport Time Capsule, AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express

In November Apple disbanded the wireless router division. For now, you can still buy in their online store, but are devices that have not been updated in a while, so possibly leave you better look for an alternative third party.


The MagSafe is not a product as such, but a type of connector used on Apple laptops. The company stopped using this connector of the charger of the MacBook to give way to the Thunderbolt / USB-C, something that has not finished to much liking to the users, among other things because if the MagSafe took a pull was unplugged of the laptop without That it would fall to the ground.

Apple TV 3rd Generation

Four years after its launch Apple has retired the third generation of the Apple TV. The current model is better and more complete, so it was quite absurd to keep on the market, although its price was much cheaper.

Original iPad Air

The first generation of the iPad Air has also said goodbye this 2016. When Apple updates an iOS device often maintains earlier models at a lower price to give buyers a more affordable option. Original iPad Air was launched in October 2013, but when the iPad Pro launched last March decided to discontinue its production, with the iPad Air 2 the only model in the range remaining on the market.

Apple Car

A report released last October noted that Apple had decided to set aside the car project and take a turn to turn the Titan Project into a standalone driving software. The development team has until the end of next year to show that its self-driving system is feasible. Will they get it?

IOS 9 Downgrades

iOS 9 remains on numerous devices worldwide, but when Apple releases a new version of the system soon fails to sign the previous version. For this reason, those who have iOS 10 installed will no longer be able to downgrade to return to iOS 9.3.5, at least not officially.

Game Center application on iOS

If you like playing with your iOS device you may have noticed, but this change may have gone unnoticed. Game Center was an attempt by Apple to create a community of games on their iOS devices, but today, the application has disappeared. Yes, the service is still active and Game Center to access it can do that through the games themselves that have integration with it or from Settings - Game Center.


We have not gone crazy. Apple's operating system for computers is still among us, but the designation "OS X" has gone to a better life. Now the operating system called "macOS" better adapted to other operating systems Apple (iOS, watchOS and TVOS).

Apple Store

As with OS X, the Apple Store also undergoes a name change. Apple physical stores are known worldwide as Apple Store, but now the company is giving different names to their tents. For example, Kansas City (Missouri) is called Apple Country Club Plaza, while the one they have at the company's headquarters in Cupertino (California), is called Apple Infinite Loop.

Desktop computers

The Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Pro are not many, but many users would not miss them. The iMac was updated over a year ago, the Mac Mini over two and Mac Pro does not receive an update from 3½ years ago. In addition, there are no signs that Apple intend to launch a new generation of its different desktop computers.

Returns RAID in the Disk Utility

Among all discontinued products, renames product concepts and changes made by Apple in 2016 is remarkable the back support RAID Disk Utility, the storage management app Apple. This feature disappeared in OS X El Capitan, much to the chagrin of many users who need to configure their storage devices, but Apple has recovered it in macOS Sierra this year.

Via | MacWorld

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