This Apple Watch secret feature helps you find your iPhone in the dark -


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Sunday, 11 December 2016

This Apple Watch secret feature helps you find your iPhone in the dark

You probably already know that you can use your Apple Watch to sound your iPhone as long as the two devices are close to each other.

This feature is enabled through the Control Center watchOS 3 in the wearable of the Cupertino company by clicking the icon "Ping" shaped sound waves.

By this method you will get your iPhone to play a sound a few times, and you can repeat this process until you can find your iPhone ...

But that's not all ... The Apple Watch has another hidden functionality to find the iPhone in the dark. Read on to find out how.

How to find your iPhone in the dark thanks to Apple Watch

As we explained guys CNET using the functionality of Apple Watch to find the iPhone in the dark it is really simple, but not everyone knows this feature watchOS.

The only thing you should do for it is to open the Control Center and keep your finger pressed on the button "Ping" we explained to you in the first paragraphs of this article.

Thus the iPhone ( as long as it is paired with the Apple Watch) will start playing repeatedly but also the flash starts flashing several times to help you find the smartphone in the dark.

For this method to work the screen of your iPhone should be off, ie blocked. As you can see for yourself, the flash lighting will be enough to get your attention in a room or a dimly lit environment.

We hope this useful watchOS feature on Apple Watch will help you find your iPhone when you've lost it at home or, who knows, on the street at night. We invite you to participate in the comments section explaining your experiences and share this article with your friends and your family in social networks. Thanks for participating!

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