This Christmas, I am in solidarity with NGOs through Apple Pay -


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Saturday, 17 December 2016

This Christmas, I am in solidarity with NGOs through Apple Pay

Christmas is just around the corner, that period of the year in which we alternate big binges with the exaltation of friendship due to the abuse of spirits, or consumerism more exacerbated with pildoritas of solidarity. Apple knows this and has used this time not only to launch their AirPods , but to collaborate with numerous NGOs enabling us to make a donation with a single click via Apple Pay. There are no more excuses for a timely collaboration.

How to Donate to NGOs with Apple Pay

For those interested in contributing their bit, whether at Christmas or at any other time of year, we explain the simple procedure. In fact there are two possibilities: either visit the website of the NGO with which you want to collaborate and click on the Apple icon Pay you can find it - if it works with Apple to facilitate this form of donation- or using Touch ID from your iPhone or iPad to donate directly to an NGO partner

What NGOs can I donate with Apple Pay?

The list of NGOs that allow to donate through Apple Pay thanks to the agreement with Apple grows every week, as they integrate the option in their apps or websites. Although in many other countries the list is much longer, at the moment we can find the following international NGOs operating in Spain:

  • Red Cross
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Save the Children
  • GlobalGiving
  • WWF

So far, how to collaborate via smartphone was through SMS, but with Apple Pay process will be even easier and provide confidence and additional security that provides a platform own payment encrypted servers, according to a study provided by Apple, Is expected to increase donations via electronic devices. Technology at the service of a good cause.

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