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Friday, 30 December 2016

This would be the AirPods

The AirPods consumers have revolutionized Apple, agotándolos in all Apple Store and lifting a barrage of criticism from opponents of its design. What we can not deny is that they have been a resounding success for Apple and do not think to stop them from doing.

For critics, Apple could have raised an initial design AirPods if you wish. And who knows, maybe they plan to get more than one model of their wireless headsets.

The initial design of AirPods

A new patent may give us clues to an abandoned design AirPods seeking fix them perfectly in our ears. The patent describes a series of hooks that allow not only fitting to our ears but keeping them in our ears thanks to magnets attached to the ear wall.

It is not clear that this concept is born with the concept of AirPods - in the patent can be seen normal headphones from Apple - although we all know that Apple does not give clues on its patents for nothing but the exclusively necessary.

Make certain that the fall of one of the AirPods not entail loss of this gadget is more than satisfactory for many users. So many companies have taken straps connecting the two AirPods to not lose them so easily.

Not on the AirPods yes on the Beats

Although the AirPods we have not seen any hitch for the ear, if we see in the Powerbeats as this concept is much more sporty headphones so it is essential to make sure the subject in your ear.

You should wait to have Siri such a way accessible sport headphones because we are confident that Apple will soon step. It is a market to exploit.

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