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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Tim cook have called the main disappointment of 2016

"Tim cook pronounced the word" incredible "in every sentence, although nothing of the incredible is not so, steve jobs biographer walter Айзексон отрецензировал the premiere of the iPhone 5s still in the year 2013. Then the writer pointed out that for two Years in the Apple chapter, cook has done nothing of his - all the cook energy has gone to update the products and work on the way. Finally the successor of jobs learned masterly perform Quality presentations, but невыдающихся products, write Life journalists.

It looked like 2014 period marked a turning point: the new iPhone with more flat received good reviews from the press, and smart Apple watch демообразцов, reporters were not very enthusiastic. Then came the 2015 period, закрепивший success. Okay, exactly one year ago it seemed that the phrase "When Джобсе such was not" will soon go to the memes graveyard that are no longer current.

In reality, everything has come out a little different.

First, it is worth remembering the triumphs of cook in the last year. Successful projects are two. The first iPhone SE: the only case, when the laziness and lack of fantasy maker ideal coupled with the requests of the public. People wanted compact and powerful iPhone, and received it - here tim clearly the king.

The second worthy of a wireless headset device AirPods. Despite the obvious disadvantages (for example, it is necessary to charge, and they are still very easy to lose) new headphones madly like so-called opinion leaders - people who test the gadgets before all. They pointed and comfortable briefcase, and a good sound, and intuitive. The price and delay in delivery вынесем out of the square brackets: we simply introduce that AirPods have good chances of becoming a successful sales.

And that's all. Cook's list of achievements came out too short. The list of failures is much longer:

1. The problem with the iPhone 7 emerge almost every week. The 4.7-inch model denied the communication module (suffered entire runs), and in the 5.5-inch version and the shambles turned off the main camera (bug emerged only now, no treatment).

2. The watch Apple Watch did not become the new iPhone in terms of demand. This sad fact is worth telling personal fiasco, tim cook, since it is totally responsible for the development of it. In theory, Watch had to increase the interest of the entire portable device industry, but it did not: IDC analysts запротоколировали triple drop in device sales in 2016 compared to last year.

3. The new MacBook Pro has received a devastating critique of the. He has a high price, relatively weak battery, non-productive Touch Bar and, in general, is not powerful enough "iron." But most worrying - the disappearance of ports: Apple doomed users in buying bulky adapters - without them, to лэптопу not even connect the latest iPhone. Experts from Consumer Reports, did not even recommend MacBook to purchase.

4. The production project of a closed car. This news would not be tragic, connotation, if Apple's беспилотное auto was not considered one of the most anticipated releases of the decade. In fact, in October 2016 the tim cook, has recognized the defeat: 1000 people were reassigned to other departments.

5. Inside the vision of Mac development - chaos. This information referred to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg experts. The situation is this: Apple is totally focused on the iPhone, and other entities that is given a minimum of attention. For example, the MacBook Pro had to leave a little later, but with a good battery. Upon learning of this, cook забраковал the idea with the completion and forced the execution process, to arrive on time with the presentation in 2016-m By the acceleration of tim перебросил in the development of a MacBook of employees of the division of creation Of the new Mac computers. An anonymous source from Apple confirmed that such авралы are constantly being produced. Because of this, the company and three years that did not update the Mac blog, and others really matter (of course, in addition to iPhone) have long since lost the regularity.

The worst thing is that in 2016, tim cook is not much exaggerated. In May it was reported that the iPhone 7 shows the function, without which we are, to the letter, "we can not imagine the future life." I wonder, what is this? Водозащита? Of course not. The portrait mode? Optical zoom?

In the year 2017, Apple will again switch to high-tech headquarters. 13 thousand people will work under one roof, so efficiency must grow significantly. The cook, taking into account the power of the staffing of the company, still a lot of possibilities to manifest: spring is fixed the launch of the new iPad, and in the autumn of the new iPhone. But, if the situation does not change, then it is time to pass soon: worthy to lead Apple, it must be not only the entrepreneur, but the inventor.

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