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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Todesco recommends keeping on iOS 10.1

At the moment the future of the jailbreak is very uncertain, as it has not yet released a version for iOS 10, despite the many "tests" have been shown and confirming that this feat possible. This is not all, since Todesco now warns us that if we have any intention of doing jailbreaking to iOS 10 in the future, we should stay on iOS 10.1.1 and refrain from upgrading to iOS 10.2 when it comes out.

Although details are scarce at this time, Todesco has been sharing a lot of tweets that seem to suggest that in IOS 10.2 is down a lot of exploitable bugs in the mobile operating system.

IOS 10.2 is currently in its fifth beta, which means that the public release is closer than ever. Apple may be preparing for a public launch before 2017, perhaps in the same time span as the launch of the wireless AirPods.

In some of his tweets , Todesco suggests that recent betas of iOS are safer than the current public releases, because i nclude strong security updates make it virtually impossible to iOS jailbreaking 10.

Due to constant updates of the operating system for mobile devices, Apple is ahead of hackers (at least so it seems) and continues to fortify iOS with security updates.

On the other hand, there has not been a word about an official iOS 10 jailbreak for the general public in the short term either from Pangu, TaiG, or others; So the future of jailbreaking is very murky. To make matters worse, the news that iOS 10.2 fixes a lot of bugs, makes it even harder to exploit iOS 10 to provide a jailbreak version of it.

According to Todesco, if you ever want to have iOS jailbreak on one of your iPhones or iPads, you should probably consider refraining from updating the firmware on your device for a while.

On the other hand, if you do not have the latest iOS firmware you also run security risks because you do not have the latest patches, and you may even lose other improvements in the operating system, making it a difficult situation.

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