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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Top 10 Features to Jailbreak iOS10

Jailbreak iOS 10 were successfully This is a long-awaited call Jailbreak the latest foreign media have revealed an interest in 10 properties and Jailbreak iOS 10 Why Jailbreak.

Jailbreak is?

First, let's understand that what is Jailbreak iPhone Jailbreak is making an app can install applications other than the ones in the App Store, users can download the application. Install the application functionality. To customize the iPhone has thousands. learn more

An interesting feature in Jailbreak iOS 10.

last EverythingApplePro Famous international media revealed the reason why he had to Jailbreak iPhone and features some of his favorite Jailbreak iOS 10.

Dark Mode

The review revealed that the Dark Mode mode or black. Are very attractive for iPhone Black Jet Black as well, but Apple refused to release the iOS formal so common in Dark Mode Jailbreak iOS 10 is a very attractive property.

App Snapchat (Hacked)

Snapchat app has been very popular abroad, but Snapchat has several limitations. That enables users The work is not easy Jailbreak iOS 10 have been Hacked and updated the app to use many more features like uploading photos from Photo Gallery. Show location New filters and so on.

Higher efficiency

The review revealed that the Jailbreak iOS 10 allows the overall performance of the iPhone is faster. Whether the app is open. The Enmi functionality It can be done faster In addition, it will add features to Jailbreak iOS 10 clear memory (RAM) to get rid of junk files on iPhone (Junk file, Catch file) as well.

Personal Hotspot

The Jailbreak iOS 10 can download an app called TetherMe which app to feature lets iPhone can be unlocked cellular networks that do not support Personal Hotspot (mainly overseas) to release information Cellular via Wi-Fi. it is ideal for those who travel abroad frequently.

App lock applications.

This feature is ideal butler spirited truly because Jailbreak iOS 10 can be set to lock the use of application functionality is somewhat like if it turned LINE have Touch ID or password before using. YouTube etc. The review is expected that Apple will use in iOS took formal because it is very useful.

Virtual Home button

Another interesting feature is the Jailbreak iOS 10 virtual Home button, Home button, so versatile than ever. The review demonstrated how to use the Home button, tap and hold the Home button to close the screen, tap the Home button twice to open the screen. The demonstration is set to tap the Home button, tap the Home button that looks different to what the Home button work. This is very interesting

Customization features General

Jailbreak iOS 10 in a review of the property is quite pleasing. To customize the look and features of the iPhone's effect, whether it is a form of scrolling apps. Font style and icon layout icons that users can manage independently.

Customizable Control Center itself

Panel Control (Control Center) is a collection of shortcuts to activate functions in the iPhone Jailbreak iOS 10 users can choose what you will be shown in the Control Center Some reviews said it was useful. Much Because he can put Button - Cellular Button - Low power mode it has made to enable the various functions easy to come up.

The display is appropriate

A general view showing the overall Jailbreak iOS 10 will customize various display formats. A more reasonable time as we add - noise. The screen shows the volume is moved to the top. Do not come in my way to the middle of the screen in Control Center, users can set themselves. To display functions in a single page. Which is very convenient

Select the resolution between photography / video.

Jailbreak iOS 10 changes in the level of detail between photography / video, users do not need to change the settings to waste time. Users can choose the level of detail right away, just tap function to modify the definition of photography / video feature is a favorite for a lot.

Screen Music Change the colors by music

Listening to music Jailbreak iOS 10 will not be boring anymore. Another interesting feature is that the screen is colorful style of music. Change the format of the music we listen to (decorated according Profile Music), which looks very beautiful.


Finally, the review revealed that the Jailbreak iOS 10 or Jailbreak iPhone users to make a difference. You can customize it to suit your needs and unique because we buy the iPhone at affordable prices, it should be able to customize their iPhone is because of our own. The custom was to reveal the identity of the owners more.


Jailbreak iOS 10 overall, a very attractive form of extensive customization. Interested persons to Jailbreak iOS 10 to study well. Consider the benefits and consequences to themselves because of what Apple Jailbreak iOS 10 are not encouraged to do so.

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