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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Tricks for safer and more private browsing

It is always important to keep under our control the use networks make our data, not only issues of use for advertising, but rather to prevent their use against us. And is that there is nothing more private than our own identity.

So today, we bring you a few tricks that will allow you to improve your network security, plus otorgaros a deeper Control your privacy:

Tricks for safer and more private browsing

We begin by browsing the network, since it is one of the most frequent uses on all devices, including of course the iPhone and iPad. In the first place, we must know what we are defending ourselves. And no, for the moment, that does not include the Russian government .

In this case, our main goal will be to get rid of the trackers, which are small programs that are stored on our device and provide its creator various statistics on the use we give it. In this way, they can provide us with advertising that is more in tune with our tastes, among many other uses.

There are different ways to prevent search engines like Google to track our browsing habits, such as private mode or incognito available in the most popular browsers, however, is much more practical to use search engines how directly DuckDuckGo , which do not use Of this type of programs. This implies, on the other hand, lose some of the efficiency that Google offers when searching with your engine, however, be valid for most cases.

In more extreme cases, in which we want to improve our safety to the extent that they can not discover our IP, we can make apps use free as Opera VPN, able to hide our activity by using various VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), installed In different parts of the world, on which we rebound each of our requests for connection. In this way, they will not be able to know the IP that we use, and, therefore, they will not be able to obtain a record of our habits. In addition, we will also serve to access portals that, otherwise, would not be available in our country.

Now only it depends on your election as always, but we hope that these small and simple tricks, help you have a safer experience on the network, after all , peace is born of security.

And you, would you lose some comfort in surfing to improve your safety?

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