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Friday, 9 December 2016

Twitter accidentally removes mentions in the app for iOS

After accidentally eliminated Twitter account of its CEO, now the microblogging social network has just suffered another setback. Apparently, are working to make changes to the system mentions and recently eliminated momentarily Twitter @ username mentions in the application for iOS devices.

Everything seems to indicate that the Twitter guys are working on a new way to show other users mentions in tweets and responses. And "accidentally" or not, this new way of mentioning other users was visible in the official Twitter app for iOS for a few moments.

The @UserName responses Twitter disappeared briefly in iOS

People responding to tweets through the Twitter app for iOS discovered with surprise that the name of the person who was responding appeared above this rather than within the tweet. The @ system is an essential part of the Twitter ecosystem and users are already accustomed to it, so most users did not agree with this unexpected change.

On the other hand, users do not understand why Twitter had made this change, especially if one considers that for a while @ username mentions no longer counted in the limit of 140 characters. Therefore, it was possible to mention several people in a tweet without sacrificing a single character.

However, because we really do not know if this change sneaked into the app accidentally or by user uproar made, Twitter decided to return to normal and restore the traditional system of @ username mentions. Twitter has announced through its Support account microblogging network that "an experiment involving the answers accidentally left in the app for iOS for a short period of time , " but you're all as before.

Although it must be said that everything seems too prepared for it to have been an accidental leak. Some believe that it is rather a planned update to grope for Twitter users about the new change they plan ahcer in statements.

Will we soon see a new way of displaying mentions in tweets? Would you like a new mention system or do you prefer the traditional @username? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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