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Friday, 30 December 2016

View the status bar even when you are in an iOS folder with StatusFolder (jailbreak)

A new jailbreak tweak called StatusFolder adds the status bar at the interface of the iOS folder always being looking at the folders to find applications within them.

Normally, the status bar is hidden in the folder interface on iOS, although it is visible when you are on the home screen. There may be some people who do not like this way of acting in the status bar and if you're one of them, you may StatusFolder be very useful.

Being able to view the status bar as much as possible from anywhere on your device is usually a good idea because it contains a lot of important information such as battery level, signal strength and even time.

Although you probably do not spend as much time in folders as in other iOS locations, folders are an extension of the home screen, so it would be very useful to see the status bar in the iOS folder.

It's a subtle change you will not even notice before or after installation, but the moment you want to know exactly what time it is or how your signal strength is seen while you're in a folder, the status bar will always be visible in The top.

StatusFolder has no options to configure. After installing the tweak on your device, you will notice its effects immediately. To turn off the effects of tweak, you have to uninstall it through Cydia.

If you are interested in trying StatusFolder, you can download for free on your iOS 9 or 10 jailbreak iOS device from the BigBoss Cydia repository.

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