Vine will return next month as Vine Camera, to keep pushing the short videos -


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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Vine will return next month as Vine Camera, to keep pushing the short videos

The history of Twitter and Vine has been bumpy in recent months, and is that not long ago the news that gave the social network of short videos would miss the closing in the coming months. However this is far from over, or so it seems.

Twitter dedicated a few years ago a great amount of resources to this peculiar community, that would mark a before and after in how we share our life through the social networks. Vine short videos provided us for the first time the possibility of opening a window to our innermost world. And if we take advantage of it.

Vine will become Vine Camera

Until this day, millions of users have gone through I came to leave a piece of their lives, or to take a look at the other. Vine marked a trend that would follow other big ones like Facebook with Instagram, and Twitter knew how to control it well, at least for a while.

Today comes the news that Vine will develop a major shift in its strategy, preventing complete closure. From the official blog of Vine we report that the current app for all platforms, including of course iOS, will become Vine Camera, an application to keep creating short videos, we never own community in which share , Since it will be something like a recording app to share them on Twitter or save them.

Twitter flipping without a clear strategy

This movement of turning one of their social networks in a simple tool for recording videos along with the integration of Periscope's own Twitter app does nothing but confirm what many were thinking. Twitter no longer know what to do to keep growing, or so it seems.

I sincerely hope to stop and to perform such movements, because they do anyone any good. It's something like ringing on the door phone, waiting for someone to open you. And pretending that being a company of this scale is not good.

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