Vulnerability in iOS 10.1.1 allows bypass activation lock protection -


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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Vulnerability in iOS 10.1.1 allows bypass activation lock protection

Last month, a bug in iOS 10.1 was discovered that allowed you to bypass Apple's anti-theft feature by entering too long a string of characters in the Wi-Fi settings text fields.

Apple has already patched the bug in iOS 10.1.1 but now we have found another method to bypass the lock protection activation on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 10.1.1 and a video was published as evidence Vulnerability.

The activation lock prevents the reactivation of an iOS device without the permission of its rightful owner and is automatically activated when a user enables "Search for my iPhone" in Settings -> iCloud.

With the activation lock, your Apple ID linked to the device is saved to an external activation server and checked with Apple each time you try to disable "Search for my iPhone", delete the device or re-enable it.

The old vulnerability was to choose "Other network" in the Wi-Fi indicator on the activation lock screen and enter a long string of text in the text fields. This creates an overflow error in the activation lock because there is no limitation on the number of characters that can be entered in the Wi-Fi name, username, and password fields.

Then, after closing and opening an iPad with Smart Cover several times, the activation lock is completely blocked and allows unauthorized access to the home screen.

However, despite Apple solved this vulnerability in IOS 10.1.1, it has found another method of unlocking a lock - protected activation requires iOS 10.1.1 enter a string of emoji characters and use device functions as The rotation of the screen and night shift (Night Shift).

As seen in the video above, the method only allows access to the home screen for a second. However, it says that the time on the home screen can be extended by quickly pressing the power button. The method also works on an iPhone.

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