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Friday, 9 December 2016

Welcome to "Android Wear Magic Minute Project"

That smart watches are big business not being expected is obvious but Google does not surrender and seeks to give visibility to Android Wear through a contest in which timing is key.

Christmas is coming, one of the most important periods of the year in terms of sales, if not more, and Google does not want their hardware revenues to come through the phones.

That is why it has launched a contest to give visibility to Android Wear .

A minute to do what you want

The idea of ​​#MagicMinute is simple, show in a minute controlled by an Android Wear what we are capable of.

Numerous people have recorded themselves by cooking, skating, parkour or climbing to the top of a building.

If we want to appear on the website created for the purpose by Google just we have to upload a video to Instagram, Facebook or Youtube with #MagicMinute and #AndroidWear hashtags and unite in their web .

The most interesting or fun will be selected to appear on the cover.

Advertisement at all costs

Google needs to give visibility to Android Wear and in this way can achieve it in a viral way without needing a strong investment in marketing.

This is a somewhat forced attempt to convince users that devices with this brand are what makes people able to record those videos.

Android Wear looks for the GoPro effect and that does not seem like a good idea
To this idea we could call it the GoPro effect. It is obvious that the action camera company sells a way of life, linked to its technology, but that technology will not change your day to day.

Manufacturers turn their backs

It seems clear that this is Google's response to decisions of its Android partners who apparently will not try to Android Wear with benevolence in recent years as sales did not accompany and one by one they start to get tired.

Google has Android Wear in the chamber but not that strong 2.0 software update appears to be what they expect potential buyers, who lean more to other cheaper solutions, from the Chinese bracelets to other more established .

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