Welcome to Christmas with these wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad!

We started December with a touch of the more Christmassy. While it is true that in many supermarkets, stores and supermarkets Christmas sweets and ornaments have been installed for several weeks, surely you have not yet come so far and you have not adorned your mobile devices.

If you are one of those people who likes to change wallpaper depending on the season or time of year for sure you're already looking at what wallpaper decorate this holiday season your iPhone or iPad. That's why we bring you a small selection with some amazingly beautiful wallpapers that will look great on your iOS device.

Snowy landscapes, gingerbread cookies, adorable animals surrounded by Christmas atmosphere, Christmas trees ... We have chosen a few wallpapers of different styles, but all have one thing in common: Christmas.

Welcome to Christmas with these wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad!

Remember if you want to download the funds with the highest quality you just have to click on the image to open it full size in a new page. In this way, you will get the image or images you choose to look in all their splendor on your iPhone or iPad.

Christmas wallpapers for the iPhone

The Three Kings have come!

Wooden dolls

Merry snowman

Gifts next to the tree

Christmas Tree Details


Christmas wallpapers for the iPad

Christmas kitten

Christmas Patterns

Ginger cookies

Puppy waiting for Christmas

These are some of the wallpapers that we liked most for iPhone and iPad with Christmas themed. Are you one of those who gives a touch of Christmas to your iOS devices these days? What wallpapers do you like the most, the photographs, the prints, the drawings ...? _Content us in the comments!
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