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Saturday, 31 December 2016

What Apple will present during 2017, compilation of the most rumored rumors

The countdown is already started. We are close to entering what could be one of the best years in the history of Apple in terms of product presentations, or at least that suggested the rumors that come out about upcoming releases.

In 2016, we saw how, in general, Apple adopted a slightly continuity strategy . While it is true that were launched some major revisions, we not witness any particularly revolutionary change in terms of phones and tablets of the Californian company. However, this would change in 2017.

2017, the year of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone

Undoubtedly, the great event of this new year will be the tenth anniversary of the Apple smartphone, which would define a new trend for the entire telecommunications industry. And for this very reason, this is expected to be a key year for the evolution of the iPhone.

Within months of its possible introduction, the iPhone 8 or 7S (Or the two) is already causing a furor among lovers of rumors. And is that there are few news that would be cooking for this new generation. The principal, would increase its size to the 5.8 inches and would jump to OLED technology hand of a curved panel manufactured by Samsung in its premium version, which would cover the front of the device to dispense with the Home button for the first time.

Another major rumored changes for this new version is that of a new glass body, which would allow the use of technologies such as wireless charging. In addition, it would also help to completely eliminate plastic antennas, leaving a much cleaner design.

New iPads on the way, and a possible competitor of Google Home as a colophon

After a 2016 without news on tablets, it is expected that in 2017 Apple renew its line of iPads, at least partially. Although there are not too many rumors about this possible new generation, it is rumored that they could include the same type of screen technology as the new iPhone, including the reduction of frames on the front.

Along with the above, it could be introduced into the line a new screen size between 9.7 - inch iPad and 12.9, to finish covering the spectrum of tablet users. On the other hand, we know nothing about a possible renewal of the iPad Mini.

Finally, and how special mention of this little article warming up for next year, we would find ourselves launching a device that would compete directly with Amazon Echo and Google Home. This smart speaker work with Siri, which would have been thoroughly prepared for it, and for future iOS 11 wherein artificial intelligence would have a major role.

With this, we finish this first look at what could arrive in 2017. I am sure that Apple prepares us several surprises, but, personally, I would be happy if the rumors that appear here became reality. I hope 2017 is the best year in Apple.

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