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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

What is behind the secrecy of Apple?

Apple has always been known for being a company surrounded by some secrecy, especially in the time when Steve Jobs was at the helm of the company. Before it was very difficult to know what Apple was working or what would be his next new device, and still is still, although today some more details are filtered.

Secrecy has always been key to Apple, among other things to avoid the competition know what they are working, but also to create suspense and anticipation among users. But what is really behind all that secrecy of Apple?

A former engineer at the company Apple has told some details about the secrecy that revolves around Apple and how they get to keep all that information they do not want you to know. Here we explain all the details.

Apple tries to avoid by all means that information leaks ahead of time

This former Apple engineer was part of the team that was responsible for developing the first iPhone, which will be 10 years old next year. Through a publication in Quora has explained how are the security measures that are taken in Apple to keep their secrets.

I must say that it is much simpler than we would have ever imagined us is that this former company engineer explains that Apple hides its secret projects with a black cloth. As you read, with a simple black cloth hide what they do not want you to see.

On the other hand, this former engineer talked about the laboratories where the devices are created. Apple says gives codename projects and engineers, and sometimes had access to "secret lab" located in the central laboratory.

As you see, at Apple they are very own and do not like to reveal their secrets. So much so that almost none of their own engineers have access to all information or laboratories.

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