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Monday, 26 December 2016

What would you improve on Apple AirPods?

The AirPods coveted Apple will finally reaching households ahead of schedule and apparently you are enjoying everyone. But let's do a hypothetical exercise: suppose Tim Cook himself came to your house and asked what you would change in your brand new AirPods for a more than likely second generation. What would you say?

If this morning you've found some wonderful AirPods under the tree, we recommend you read everything you need to know about AirPods to squeeze the maximum. Also, surely you want to know how to load, synchronize and customize . Finally, although we know that you'll take care of very well, remember that although they are very resistant, it is not possible to make repairs only can replace your battery with a range of up to 5 hours and in case of losing a headset, the price of purchasing a Airpod .

Yes, the AirPods are wonderful, but what would you improve if you could?

Here are some of the ideas that have come to mind:

Faster shipping

A battery with greater autonomy

Beyond repair and replacement of parts beyond the battery

Manufacture of other materials: metal, silicon ...

Customization options such as Apple Watch straps.

Charge via USB-C instead of using Lightning.

A small clip with manual controls to skip songs and / or volume change.

More colors: black Without doubt would very well received, but rose and gold? Or in red to match the possible iPhone 7 which is expected to be launched in 2017?

Pads of different sizes for different sizes of ears.

The ability to use Siri in Offline mode, because there always have good coverage and we can not rely on it for everything.

Support for Apple TV, so you can use them to watch TV

Search my AirPods option, similar to Find my iPhone for example. Something very useful given its small size.

This is what a boat soon came to our head. What would you suggest for the second generation AirPods?

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