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Friday, 2 December 2016

Why iOS remains the fate of many droids

Every day more Android users move to stable and efficient ecosystem that is iOS, but all do it for different reasons. However, what strikes the most is the firmness with which they decide to move to the operating system of Apple and not to another such as Windows 10 Mobile.

The operating system iDevices has matured with the passage of time, obtaining a stability that many versions of Android only dream of having, and no doubt users have realized all this.

The myth of personalization ever more distant

One of the reasons that most slows Android users from buying an iPhone or an iPad is the operating system. Many people have dedicated to spreading the rumor that iOS is too closed system with which you can never have the freedom to customize or add anything. All this, of course, is a lie like a house.

Yes it is true that with Android you can customize much of your terminal without having to modify anything of the system, but this is usually limited to change the launcher or the default applications by the system. However, if you happen to change data you will have to make major leagues Root your phone or tablet, which involves modifying the system. In iOS if you want to modify or install unofficial applications have to do Jailbreak, which is not too far from Root Android.

Many Android users have seen the truth behind this lie so widespread, which has given them greater freedom to decide which system they want to move without necessarily losing the freedom to play with the device in all aspects.

Updates for all

One of the aspects that iOS gains enormously is in its updates policy. While in Android we can find an incredibly uncontrolled fragmentation, lots of terminals that never upgraded to the latest version despite being launched on the market just a year ago with iOS updates have for a really long period of time.

Until the iPhone 5 was updated to IOS 10, a phone that was brought to light in 2012. Even on Android with the most pampered devices like the Nexus or Pixel we will only have two years of updates. That yes, that there is a great community that gives a second life to the devices with this system, but not all the terminals are lucky to have someone to back them up. In addition, these unofficial updates often contain problems or bias some other important feature.

Optimization without limits

In addition to the incredible quality with Apple products in terms of hardware, navigate your software is an exquisite experience. It does not matter if you want to take a photo or open a game, the experience with the operating system is captivating thanks to its great fluency and well-kept animations. In addition, it has an aesthetic that adapts to the design of the device perfectly.

On Android, however, this is a bit different. We will not lie, Android has taken a giant step in terms of optimization. Mid-range terminals differ little from the high end in the software section, since this runs with a really good fluidity for devices with such a low price. However, and since everything can not be rosy, the system still has a few flaws that make the experience a little less enjoyable.

The lag, slowdowns and sudden changes in design according to the manufacturer are problems that can be annoying for many, especially when those affected are often the most expensive devices in the market. To date, colleagues who still have an iPhone 5c have a great performance in their terminals, with animations that, although not as fluid as in the latest Apple devices, would be the envy of many products with Android.

The iOS operating system is receiving every day more people than ever were Android users, and most of them plan to stay for a long time with Apple. We had several points left unnamed, like applications made exclusively for iOS, but the essence of the article is that it is completely here.

Have you ever been an Android user? If so, why did you switch to iOS? Leave us your answer in the comments!

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