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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Why You Should Buy AirPods Today

Although Christmas already happened a few days ago, there is still time to make us some gift. If you were not sure whether to buy the new Apple AirPods or not, here we leave the reasons why you should buy this great new product.

No cables to stop you

Although it may seem silly, freedom to carry accessories is very important for many. Most people can take this section as negative -and they would not be entirely mistaken-, but the lack of a cable a two headphones can result in benefits. You will no longer have to worry about getting hooked on something, and you can always save one of the headphones if you want to listen only by ear. All are benefits!

Apple Quality Seal

Yes, these AirPods have been declared irreparable by the people of iFixit. However, the company Apple gives us a year warranty for battery problems, and also offers spare parts in case we lose any of our headsets. If you were afraid of not buying them for warranty, you can now think twice.

Fast connection

If you have more Apple products , which would be more logical if you go to buy these AirPods-, you will notice that the connection to these devices could not be faster. Just link your headphones to your iCloud, and with Handoff technology you can go from listening to music from one terminal to another without any problem and with speed assured.

Sound quality in calls

As we are accustomed to talking about Apple, these new AirPods have a sound quality that does not leave anyone indifferent and calls will not be an exception. These headphones besides having a very good quality, also has good noise cancellation. People on the other end of the line will never know you're talking hands-free!

Compatibility with many more devices

The new AirPods are not only compatible with Apple products, also you can connect to more devices with Bluetooth technology. If you have a terminal with Android operating system or an old MacBook, here we leave the guide so you can quickly connect your new headphones.

Maybe the price is a bit high for a gadget of this kind, but we assure that these AirPods not going to disappoint. If you have the money on hand, why not take advantage?

Have you thought about buying them? Leave your answer in the comments!

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