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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

With this iPhone case there will be kisses for everyone

Some things can only come from Asia. This is the case of this extravagant iPhone case called Kissenger , which is the mixture of words "kiss" and "messenger", as its name suggests is a messenger case kisses. Because that's exactly what you do: pass the kisses you give through sensors to the other person.

How do you stay? Dead! According to its website, this case is ideal for couples away, family, fans - something pretty scary what to throw kisses to your idol and it receives them , truth be told -.

How does Kissinger work?

The operation is quite intuitive: connect the gadget to your iPhone and throw kisses to your loved ones through the internet. Come on, it's a way to share an intimate moment with your partner, family, friends while you are having a videoconference through your smartphone.

Kissinger can feel your kiss and convey the feeling of a kiss quite faithfully to the recipient in real time. Artificial lips have high precision force sensors and their miniature actuators replicate the movements in the receiver device. In addition, you can also feel the pressure on your lips when from the other side they return the kiss. Of the feel of the language and such do not say anything on the web.

This first prototype has been launched exclusively for iOS devices. Despite being rather crude - it nevertheless requires a mouth-like surface on the front of the iPhone - it integrates like an iPhone case that plugs through the iPhone, iPad or iPod jack.

This curious invention has been created by Emma Yann Zhang, who presented it at the conference Love and Sex with Robots. But Emma wants to go much further in future updates, recording data on blood pressure and heart rate to check the kiss enough is being faithful to reality.

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