Xiaomi has introduced premium headphones from Mi Headphones for $ 70

To fully develop sound audio tracks, it is advisable to use quality headphones. The company Xiaomi just proposed such. The new model of My Headphones is a classic semi-covered headphones next to an exceptional type, according to the manufacturer, features, thanks to the sound of music on smartphones appears unexpected.

Updated My Headphones has given a new cup grid, which Проглядывается red texture, golden strands the golden suspension of the cable connectors and the new pads. The headphones are compatible with the Hi-Res Audio standard, which have a frequency range of up to 40,000 hz and have increased up to 107 db sensitivity.

Sphere cable and new opening with графена application provide excellent sound quality and reliability. Thin silver layer allows speakers to sound more expressive, since silver is much better passes through high frequency, contributing to sound enrichment. Kevlar, in turn, increases the strength of the wire, preventing its breakage to abuse of the holding.

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