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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Xiaomi Mi 6: release date, cameras and design

The Xiaomi Mi 6, the new terminal of the Chinese company, becoming known through leaks of some of its features, design lines and its release date.

Xiaomi few months ago we were surprised with the presentation and marketing of Xiaomi Mi 5s and My 5s Plus, the successors of the Xiaomi Mi 5 which had met in the MWC this year.

Soon the Note range of the company was renewed with an elegant Xiaomi Mi Note 2 , which however was a little unnoticed because of lavish Xiaomi Mi MIX .

We expected that to lengthen the Xiaomi Mi 6 presentation but it is clear that the manufacturer is not working.

Launch in April

It is true that the Mi 5 will be a year in February but its predecessor, for various reasons, was in charge of Xiaomi almost two years. Al Apparently the Xiaomi Mi 6 will be presented in April, the same month that know the Samsung Galaxy S8 .

There is also no obligation to launch a flagship every sweet months but the Barcelona event, or the Las Vegas event next month would have been good dates for the announcement.

This would be in line with other leaks that indicate that the event which would be released this mobile would take place on February 14 , Valentine 's Day, but the shortage in manufacturing the Snapdragon 835 would have pushed the company to postpone the event , having this also affected Samsung with its S8.

Dual camera and curvature

The same filtration talks about the presence of a double rear camera, which is not too surprising if we think that the Xiaomi Redmi Pro and implemented half a year ago and that the Xiaomi Mi 5s also brings it.

In the first one the improvement was centered in the use of the secondary sensor to realize a blur after the taking of the photograph and in the Mi 5S they changed this by a second sensor that improved the final quality of the image, something that was noticed but not so much As we expected.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 sure is an interesting terminal but should improve this aspect compared to previous models if you want to fight one on one with LG, Samsung or Apple.

There have also been rumors about the design parameters, which speak of a double curvature in the terminal. The Xiaomi My Note 2 had two back and two front curves, being similar to the already extinct Note 7 so perhaps in the Mi6 this design is seen, something that we would not displease at all.

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