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Monday, 23 January 2017

10 fantastic tips to succeed on Instagram for iPhone

Instagram , the fashion social network, arrived in 2010 and made it to stay. Following Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, the iPhone app has received all sorts of features and features such as the redesign of its UI, Stories , and Direct .

The Instagram iOS app, if there is one that still does not know it, is an application that works as a social network in which users can follow each other and publish photos and videos with their followers.

In this publication we will recommend some basic tips, tricks and tips to get more likes, more followers, and more video playback.

The pictures

Instagram is a social network where you can publish what you like, whether it be landscapes or food dishes or your favorite self. But if you want to get more likes, we recommend you to retouch your photos with photo editing applications before publishing them. Although it is true, some photos are more beautiful without filters.

The videos

Like the photos, it is advisable to edit your videos before sharing them on Instagram, although due to the lack of features in the apps of the App Store we recommend doing it on your Mac or PC and transfer the result via iTunes, Dropbox, and the like.

The profile

It is interesting to keep an updated and clean profile, you can change your Instagram profile in the Instagram configuration. Add your city, your country, a nice phrase, and a couple of emojis (no more, please). You should even change your profile photo regularly. Interestingly, Instagram does not allow line breaks in the profile or in the photos, but you can copy and paste the text from any other app.

The hashtags

To succeed on Instagram and get more likes and comments you can include hashtags in your photos and videos. But you should not do it in the foot of the publication, but in the same comments , because this way your photos and videos will be cleaner, more orderly and visual. You can find popular hashtags in the Instagram Search section.

The mentions

Another way to gain followers, likes and comments, is to participate in any Instagram community . There are millions of them! Likewise, you could also make new friends by mentioning those users in the pictures that you think they might like.


Adding the location of your photos is one more way to get more likes on Instagram. As with hashtags, the locations group all the publications in the same section frequently visited by all Instagram users.

The direct

Recently Instagram added a feature to relay live videos for your followers . This is an ideal way to get in touch with them and keep them updated.

Saved photos

Another new feature of Instagram is the ability to save the photos you want to see again . You can do this by pressing the flag button in the bottom right of each photo or video. Ideal for lovers of photography!

The Boomerang application

In addition to editing your videos, to give an original touch to your publications you can use the Boomerang application, which makes videos in looping very funny automatically.

The Instapad application

You can install Instagram on your iPad, but its user interface is not very well adapted. It is better that you use a client like Instapad , which also allows you to play videos without Internet connection, and perform almost any other action as you would in the official app.

These have been the 10 tips of Instagram that will help you become a real professional instagrammer. Would you like to collaborate? Share your tricks in the comments!

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