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Sunday, 22 January 2017

10 Things You Did not Know Your iPhone 7 Could Do

We are aware that you have spent a fortune to become a brand new iPhone 7, and that is why we believe that you want to take full advantage of its capabilities . And we can assure you that there are many.

The iPhone 7 has, in general, exceptional hardware and worthy of belonging to the high range of Smartphones, however, many are unaware that our phone sometimes has more uses than we think. Today, we will help you solve that.

Start camera from lock screen

With the new iOS 10 goggle screen, the way to access the camera has changed slightly . In this case, the tab in the lower right corner disappears to become a sliding gesture to the left.

Using headphones with Jack through the Lightning port

You may already know this possibility, but there are many who are still unaware that your terminal can use the traditional headset with Jack using the adapter that is included for free with the iPhone. Of course, this does not change that you can not charge your mobile and listen to music at the same time.

Force iPhone reboot

When the physical boot button is removed, the combination to force the iPhone reboot has changed. Now, you must hold down both the power / lock button and the volume down button.

Access the multi-tasking menu with 3D Touch

Do you know that you can access the multitasking menu using 3D Touch gestures ? Simply press the left edge of the screen and slide your finger toward the center.

Adjust the intensity of the flashlight and activate timer

The control center's quick function icons allow you, among other things, to access the calculator, turn on the light, or start the timer. With iOS 10 and 3D Touch, you will also have the option to adjust these functions by pressing each icon.

Use the keyboard as a trackpad

In all apps that use the keyboard, you can press the keyboard until the letters disappear, and then slide over it to scroll quickly through the texts you are typing. Something really useful to make changes with precision when correcting an error.

Send music or messages through iMessage

In iMessage, you can now access a specific App Store that allows you to download a large number of extensions to send what you want through the messaging app You just have to access it from the keyboard!

Send invisible messages with iMessage

With the new iOS 10 update, you can apply different effects to messages sent through iMessage, just slide your finger up while holding the Send Message button.

Add new widgets

Moving to the left from the block screen, you will find a great way to access the information you need most . Each widget is associated with an app, and you can add it using the Add button that appears in the bottom border of the widgets screen.

Lock the lens change (iPhone 7 Plus only)

The iPhone 7 Plus includes as main novelty a second lens capable of offering a considerable optical zoom. However, in video recording, the lens shift dial located on the camera interface is unnecessary and even annoying . To avoid changing between the lenses we simply have to go to Settings, Photos and Camera, Record video and activate the lens selector lock.

Source | DigitalTrends

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