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Monday, 30 January 2017

5 of the best apps to make art with the iPad

The iPad has become a perfect tool for artists , not just the latest models compatible with the Apple Pencil. And is that the Apple tablet has several applications that are also perfectly valid to draw without using a stylus.

More and more artists are moving to "digital paper," and the iPad is a perfect device for it. That's why today we bring you a small compilation with five of the best applications to create art with the Apple iPad.

Unleash your imagination with these apps for the iPad


Developed by FiftyThree, Paper is one of the most commonly used applications by users when drawing. It is an application with a very clean interface and easy to use, and is that it is focused on a level of beginner draftsman , but not for that the results have to be less results.

Paper is really easy to use and with it the limit is only in your imagination, since you can create everything you can think of. Usually, drawings created with Paper tend to have a very "cartoony" air , so if you are looking for a more realistic result you may have to look for another option that best fits your needs.

Tayasui Sketches

One of the best drawing applications you can find in the App Store for the iPad is Tayasui Sketches. It is very good and recommended for beginner artists, but it is more complete than the previous one. It has enough tools and brushes to choose from that offer quite realistic results , as well as a portfolio where all your sketches are stored.

The application is free, but has purchases aside to convert it into "Pro" version and to be able to use more brushes or paint by layers, among other things . Tayasui Sketches is an app for amateur artists, but many professionals also favor it.

Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk has been making incredible design applications for a long time, but as it could not be otherwise, it also has an application for iOS devices. This is SketchBook, the best digital art app if you are looking for a more professional multi-purpose option .

SketchBook has a number of features that you will not find easily in other apps, including a very interesting feature that allows you to draw symmetrically on the horizontal and vertical axes. It also features one of the best Bluetooth stylus holders, including the Apple Pencil, the FiftyThree stylus or the Wacom Stylus 2, among others.

Like previous apps, Autodesk SketchBook is free, but if you want to enjoy the full version you will have to shell out several euros . You decide if you need to get the most out of the application or if you are enough with the basic package.

Medibang Paint

Medibang Paint simulates more professional programs like Photoshop. It stands out for the many features that it includes, including layering, layer styles, templates or the ability to save your work in the device or in the cloud, among many other things.

If you like Photoshop or other tools of that style and you are already an advanced user of digital art , Medibang Paint can be a great option for you. On the contrary, if you are starting in this world it is preferable that you start earlier with simpler ones, and is that Medibang Paint has a fairly loaded interface of tools.

Medibang Paint is a free app, supports several types of Bluetooth stylus and receives updates quite frequently , something that is always appreciated.


Finally is Procreate, an application that combines the ease of use of applications like Tayasui Sketches with the robustness of Medibang Paint , giving way to an option halfway between both. For this reason, Procreate is a perfect choice for beginners as well as for users, something more advanced, since it includes very interesting features and tools, such as layers or a brush editor.

Unlike the other applications that form this compilation, Procreate is not free, but is priced at € 5.99 . That yes, it is an application that is worth investing a little money.

These applications are all very complete, although each has its differences and its strengths. If you're looking for an app to draw on your iPad you just have to choose which one fits your needs best and start to unleash your imagination.

Via | AppleInsider

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