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Sunday, 8 January 2017

A Telegram bot allows you to save the SHSHs of your device

I have already said on other occasions that if you are interested in the jailbreak must save the SHSH of your devices, as this will allow a future upgrade to IOS 10.2 although Apple is no longer signing.

Well, it has just launched a bot Telegram that simplifies the process, so if you had not yet put you to work, you no longer have any excuse not to.

How to save SHSH using a Telegram bot

  • Access the following link and join the bot Telegram.
  • Type "/ shsh" (without quotes) to begin the process.
  • Choose the device you are using from the list that the bot will display at the bottom.
  • Select iOS 10.2.
  • Enter the ECID of your device.
  • Note: In iTunes, click "Serial Number" to change to ECID.
  • Ready! If everything went well, the bot will show you a link that will allow you to download the SHSH from iOS 10.2.
Note: An error will be displayed during the process, it is completely normal, as it is currently impossible to obtain certificates of Baseband.
In short, it is a very simple process that will allow anytime upgrade / downgrade to iOS 10.2 although Apple is signing later versions of iOS.

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