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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Add a button for low power mode to control center with CCLowPower (jailbreak)

As many of us use our iPhones much more than others, we are constantly struggling with the problem of conserving battery life, and that is why Apple recently introduced a feature known as the low power mode.

Although it is useful at times, it still requires navigating through the application settings to arrive at this feature, which may not be pleasing to most of us since we generally seek to do the tasks in the simplest and fastest way possible. To solve this problem, a new jailbreak tweak made especially for iOS called CCLowPower 10 lets you activate the low power mode by a new button in the Control Center.

As shown in the image below, the button (the one with a solid center point) appears at the far right of the top of the Control center.

When activated, the low power button turns green, and when off is similar to any other disabled button.

Because launching the control center requires nothing more than a simple upward scrolling from the top of the screen, it is much more convenient to use this activation method for low power mode instead of having to scroll to settings - > Battery -> low power mode (or use of Touch 3D).

CCLowPower is a fairly simple free tweak and basically what you see is what you get; There is no confusing setting to adjust. After installing it on your device, you will see the new button in the control center immediately and you can start using it.

Because only works for iOS CCLowPower 10 who have the jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 Pangu may not use it .

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