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Thursday, 12 January 2017

AirPods increasingly capture more market and trend

It seems that the wireless headset market has grown in recent years, new data from research firm Slice Intelligence suggests.

In the United States last month, an estimated 75% of the revenue from headphones sold online came from wireless models, up from 50% in December 2015, according to Slice. The new AirPods , holds an estimated 26% share of online revenue in the wireless headset market since its launch on December 13, 2016.

The AirPods stole Beats' first place, which took an estimated 15.4% of online revenue in the wireless headset market, down 24.1% between early 2015 and December 13. Given that it owns Beats, Apple seems to have actually assumed almost 40% of online revenue in the market since the launch of AirPods.

From Slice Intelligence it was reported that wireless headset spending the day of the AirPods launch was ten times greater than the pre-holiday average of 2016. December 13 last year was also the biggest day for online headset spending.

Research suggests that 85% of the buyers who purchased the AirPods are men, of whom 35% are young people in the new millennium. Buying women tend to be larger by hogging a 38% purchase of wireless headsets. Gender data is based on 2,871 US online shoppers who purchased the AirPods between December 13 and December 31.

Apple has not released AirPods sales, with CEO Tim Cook vaguely stating that wireless headphones have been a "sweeping success" amid "a great vacation".

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