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Friday, 6 January 2017

App Store hits back its revenue records for Christmas 2016

After a year of innovations and successes in the digital platform of Apple, it's time to start taking accounts, and give developers compelling reasons to continue working on creating content for their devices. Of course, this also includes future iOS developers, who will certainly look with great eyes at the numbers that Apple has just presented.

And is that this 2016 has been a really good year in terms of apps that have appeared in the App Store. We pay special attention to the successes based on Nintendo franchises like Pokémon GO, or Super Mario Run, they have really marked a new milestone in the market and that undoubtedly helped greatly to achieve games these results .

Benefits created by the App Store continue to grow

According to information provided by Apple through the US network CNBC , the year 2016 would have left the not inconsiderable amount of 20,000 million dollars in profits for developers. These results have been possible thanks to apps like the already named Pokémon GO, Clash Royale or Monster Strike.

It should be noted that these figures are the benefits that will come to the developers, not the total results obtained by Apple, which obviously also takes its part in carrying out the work of distributing the apps with its platform. Even so, they remain the best results obtained so far, and the trend indicates that continue to grow.

A good start to 2017

Along with the news of the results of sales apps in 2017, it has also reached another great joy for content creators, and that the January 1, 2017, New Year 's Day, was the day with the best numbers sales in the history of the App Store. In just 24 hours, more than 240 million dollars have been accumulated in app sales and in-app purchases, in this case Super Mario Run being the main responsible.

So, Apple began with great optimism in 2017, which, surely, will bring variety of innovations not only in regard to hardware, as we have already mentioned , but also the software. At the end of the day , content is what ultimately drives consumers to opt for one platform or another.

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