Apple could bring real wireless charging by the end of the year -


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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Apple could bring real wireless charging by the end of the year

The potential partner Apple, Energous, has again delayed the launch of its wireless charging technology. In a phone call with the CEO yesterday, Energous said there was a change of plans after a "key strategic partnership" took place.

This does not mean that wireless load is outside the CES this year, it is planning to launch Cota Ossia Tile, a roof that could supply power wirelessly to all compatible devices.

Key partnerships and innovative technologies

Energous is best known for its WattUp, free charge technology cable, which allows devices wirelessly charged when they enter the range of the transmitter. With all the rumors and reports that speak of the new technology of load that will bring the new iPhone, the innovations of Energous give us the hope that soon we could see this technology in our homes very soon. Energous CEO Steve Rizzone has said that wireless-charge transmitters should be sold by the end of this year.

Thanks to the "key partnership" with Energous, your partner would be the first to include this technology in mobile devices, which would break the original plans to launch Energous phone battery cover. The reports that have been circulating for several months indicate that the company has been working with Energous is the very Apple.

Ossia and its new product

Although Energous's original plans have been halted, that has not stopped Ossia from announcing its own wireless charging technology, the Cota Tile. This product masquerades as a piece of roof that allows us to fully charge your device wirelessly, and would be launched this week at CES 2017.

Ossia already has experience in the field of wireless charging thanks to its Cota power technology, but now they want to bring all that to our office. These tiles contain an antenna power wireless smart devices that automatically loads Cota technology that are within range. In addition, it has been said that it is safe to operate near people, animals and plants, and that it does not interfere with the Wi-Fi signal or any other wireless technology.

Companies are not lagging behind in the wireless charging race, and Apple seems to be struggling too. If these rumors are true, the new iPhone would bring the first real wireless charging, without having the device attached to a base. Let's hope it's true!

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Via | 9to5Mac

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