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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Apple designs a mysterious gadget with Bluetooth and NFC

As the product development protocols dictate, Apple has to send to the FCC American Commission - acronyms that mean Federal Communications Commission - all those devices that Cupertino manufactures that use technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC, including A series of detailed bureaucratic features for this commission to approve.

Thanks to the numerous leaks, in many occasions we know thanks to this process in which Apple is working. Without going any further, earlier this month in January Apple sent FCC an application for approval of a wireless device that would employ NFC and Bluetooth whose model number is A1846 . From this mysterious gadget we only know that it follows a similar operation to another that Apple sent last September with the model number A1844.

Curiously, the alphanumeric combination A1846 is not similar to any other series existing among Apple products , which tells us to think that it may be a completely new device. Therefore, we find ourselves without clues. However, the previous model presented in September included some sketches showing slightly rounded edges and two torx screws. If Apple has sent some outlines of the new, it is completely unknown.

Experts say that it is a gadget that will not see the light, a simple prototype in the early stages. Another possibility is that it is something that can be used in the Apple Store, a kind of product desk or intercom equipment between iOS devices. As you can imagine, rumors have been unleashed around this wireless device: ** Will it be a new Apple TV? **

Given the secrecy of Apple and of course, the secret summary of the commission around diagrams, descriptions and locations of antennas and connections, we will not know more until it is released , at which point we will know if it is aimed at the public in General or on the contrary, it is a gadget for internal use.

Via | Appleinsider

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