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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Apple finally patents an Apple Watch with circular design

As patent No. 9,553,625 of the United States Patent and Trademark Office indicates , the company of the bite apple could surprise everyone with the launch of an Apple Watch 3 with circular design .

The patent in question has been titled "Functional Belt Connectors for Wearable Devices" and details a method by which Apple would increase the sales capabilities of its smartwatch as well as the longevity of the platform.

The patent filed last year shows connector modules containing electronic components and was admitted today, Tuesday, January 24 .

Will the company launch an Apple Watch Series 3 with a circular shape?

Like the original connector of the original Apple Watch, the patent images indicate that the project would allow users to hook and unhook the belt in a truly simple way.

Each connector may or may not be a separate device. Its internal nodes attach to each other and connect to the 6-pin port on the Apple Watch.

The patent shows serially arranged links and nodes that share a common power line (or power supply circuit in the case of generators and batteries).

Module control is achieved by assigning unique identifiers to each link . In the patent Apple describes the sending of an audio signal through a chain of linked modules.

It is still unclear if Apple plans to launch a new line of circular modules for Apple Watch to market. But today's patent suggests that the apple bite company is seriously interested in expanding the wearable platform with new features, new accessories, or perhaps new models.

The Apple Watch Series 2 released a few months ago offers a GPS module and water resistance, but still the device is still too dependent on the iPhone's synchronization and pairing for many tasks. This new patent could make the wearable much more autonomous.

Source | Apple Insider

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