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Monday, 30 January 2017

Apple has removed the activation lock check page

Apple has removed without explaining the iCloud activation blocking check page, this page was hosted on , currently you see a page error not found.

This functionality allowed anyone to write the IMEI or serial number of an iOS device to know if this device was blocked or not . Pretty useful to check if the iPhone we are going to buy has been stolen or is legit.

What will we do now?

The references to this web have been removed from the Apple support documentation , which shows that it was not a temporary failure of the page, but has been deleted forever.

This Apple support page used to recommend future users check if the iPhone, iPad or iPod they wanted to buy was under the effect of the activation lock .

Apple has not given us another way to check if an iOS device is under this condition when we do not have it in our hands . We also do not know if you are working on another tool to check this.

This functionality helped shoppers avoid scams and not buy stolen iPhone . On eBay they usually put stolen iPhone on sale for a very low price, making them more succulent for users.

Before the disappearance of this tool we could ask the buyers the IMEI or serial number of the product we wanted to acquire and check their status. In the same way, if the seller refused to provide it we would know that something was wrong .

Apple warns users not to purchase any device that has not been removed from their owner's account , to avoid problems with the activation lock.

Activation lock

This feature has been turned on by default on all iOS devices since iOS 8 , which means that you can not activate a terminal without giving valid Apple ID credentials.

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