Apple may launch a new version of Apple Watch Q3 2017 focused on improving the performance and battery life.

The latest report on the 2017 Apple Watch to track. When there are rumors that we might see Apple Watch new release Q3 2017 focused on improving the performance and battery life.

Apple Watch 2017

DigiTimes foreign media Report data from China that Quanta manufactures Apple's Apple Watch new year 2017 key features will be updated. Will focus on improving the performance and battery life than previous models.

The report revealed that in 2016 Apple sold 7.5 million Apple Watch t lower than the forecast that it will sell up to 12 million units in Apple Watch new generation capacity will remain. Focused on improving performance improvements over the previous model. Improving battery performance The format remains the same uniform.

The new Apple Watch may launch late in 2017.

Apple Watch new year 2017, according to Quanta said it could be launched in the third quarter of 2017. That means the end of year. Previously, in 2016 Apple launched its Apple Watch Series 2 features the distinctive waterproof GPS updates, and the screen lights up. In September, with the iPhone 7/7 Plus and this year it is expected to have the same direction.

For the expectations of the international media who wish to see the Apple Watch new model year 2017 that is thinner, supports 3G / 4G, using the Micro LED and previous rumors that Apple may move exposed to. use the wrist strap on. To the next track that Apple will release an updated version of Apple Watch in 2017, however.

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