Apple plans to jump to flexible LCD technology in the near future with JDI -


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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Apple plans to jump to flexible LCD technology in the near future with JDI

Currently, there is a major fight between the suppliers of screens in the world to be able to take part of the production quota of the future iPhone 7S and / or iPhone 8, as a result of the change to OLED that are rumored to bring. As far as the screen is concerned, at least.

However, what we bring you today is something even more interesting than all that, perhaps to the level of the rumors of the next iPhone, without being part of it. And it's really shocking as Apple, who would be about to introduce the OLED panels in their terminals, is also thinking of getting rid of them to get an even more desired feature .

From LCD to OLED, and from OLED to Flexible LCD

The Wall Street Journal today published an article that tells how Apple would be in talks with Japan Display , one of its current providers of LCD screens, for the introduction of Flexible LCD technology in future iterations of the iPhone. This way, it would leave the OLED panel, presumably few years after adopting it, to create the first iPhone with flexible display .

Of course, this would be only the first step towards that mobile that would certainly remind us of the once famous concept of Nokia, "Morph", since, in order to create a flexible mobile, all, or at least, most of its components must Also have that property . Otherwise, we would meet again with LG G Flex style smartphones.

Running with Samsung

Again, the main motivation of the company to carry out this project is that its big competitor, Samsung, is already planning to launch a flexible (although still known to what extent) phone in the short to medium term. The big difference in this aspect, is the same as in OLED technology. Samsung is a manufacturer of panels, not Apple.

So maybe the perfect time for Apple to go deeper into this aspect of production . Do you believe, should you go into panel manufacturing to stop depending on your competitors?

Source | The Wall Street Journal

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