Apple says Super Mario Run sales are much higher than 3% -


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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Apple says Super Mario Run sales are much higher than 3%

Yesterday we echoed a somewhat bittersweet news for both Apple and Nintendo. It talked about that has been undoubtedly the game of the year in terms of hype, Super Mario Run, had succeeded million downloads, of which only 3% had materialized in buying effective game, this is , To pay the 10 euros that gave access to the complete game. A successful in the market permeation, but a complete failure in terms of profit.

Well, the guys have followed the news Andro4all revealing that AppleInsider and Apple have spoken to contrast the news and the Cupertino have been clear refuting the information , ensuring that these estimates are incorrect given the assumptions taken for calculations.

As is tradition in Apple, they have refused to provide data to substantiate their arguments, but they have been adamant ensuring that the percentage of purchase of Super Mario Run has been well above the 3% initial.

Today and after the initial bombing, Super Mario Run continues on the top of the ranking of free apps in the App Store, though, he has fallen to fourteenth place. And who is the leader? Six months after its launch it seems that Pokémon GO is intractable on top of the podium. Speculation that ensured that confirmed Super Mario Run not overtake Go Pokémon .

It is true that Super Mario Run only been released for iOS , but one thing is clear: Pokémon GO has been downloaded and also their profit model has proved more profitable than the "pay once and forget" Super Mario Run.

In any case, whether you purchased the game or not, remember that we have been bringing CP characters, worlds, levels, tricks, bugs on Super Mario Run so that you do not miss a single detail.

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