Apple to make iPhone in India in 2017 -


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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Apple to make iPhone in India in 2017

Some time ago we have been hearing rumors about the possibility that Apple spend part of their production to India, because of the negotiations that Apple has been keeping with the Indian government.

The new information give a glimmer of light to this issue, estimating an arrival date of Cupertino to Asia. So we can deduce that the negotiations have gone quite well between the company and the government.

Apple arrives in India

According to data we have, the manufacturer of OEM and Winstron, both Apple partners are installing factories in Bengaluru. In the industrial zone of the city, in particular, in Peenya. Apple is taking very seriously its arrival in this country to be able to sell in India its iPhone at more affordable prices.

Having to import, the company apple bite is via forced to pay a tariff of 12.5%. A high enough price to import a product.

Winstron is not the only company that is installing in India, another is Foxconn. Undoubtedly, these companies are not only responsible for making products for Apple, but also made to other companies.

Apple comes with work

The Cupertino have released a series of jobs in India, leaving us even more clear that this is already a reality. Among these positions we can find the iPhone Operations Manager - responsible for leading the output of new products in India - as well as various management positions: manager of suppliers, regional sales manager ... well as software engineers or Hardware.

There will also be Apple Stores

Yes, as a potential market, it is clear that production of new devices Apple in India will enhance the appearance of Apple Store in different cities.

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