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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Apple TV developers, freer than ever

It is more than a year since the launch of the new generation of Apple TV, the most radical renewal that has suffered the line since its inception . Finally, the apps came to the platform and thousands of developers took the opportunity to access a completely different market than previously seen, the TV.

Hundreds of apps and games have been appearing over time, and is that the new tvOS, has proven more than ever that it is a really attractive platform for the consumer. Apple TV is no longer just a thing of the big content providers, it is now home to applications of all kinds, such as these Arcade games that we show here . And the thing is not going to stay there.

The size of apps, one less problem

Since the launch of the new fourth-generation Apple TV, the AppOS app from tvOS has had a fairly significant problem in terms of restrictions. One of the most controversial, was the size of each app should occupy at most. Developers, could only create apps, that occupy a maximum of 200 Mb.

To "solve" this problem, a tool known as "On Demand Resources" was used, which allows downloading the contents of the applications as they are needed, while deleting the oldest data. However, this resource is becoming more and more outdated, so Apple has decided to extend the limit of each app , from 200 Mb to 4 Gb, a big difference that will certainly be of great use in the future.

The best platform for entertainment, ever more attractive to developers

With this move, Apple has managed to solve (at least partially) some of the problems that most suffered the developers. And in many cases, applications have a lot of resources that need access at certain times, and depending on the Apple TV to download them to use them was not the best of ideas .

However, Apple has heard (somewhat late, yes) the opinions of developers, who demanded more freedom when working with Apple TV. And I'm sure that this strategy will benefit them in the face of the image that other creators can have of the company when it comes to developing for their platforms.

And you, what app would you like to watch on Apple TV?

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