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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Apple TV is still in decline

Remember when we were all excited about the arrival of the Apple TV and how this device was going to revolutionize the TV as we know it? Apparently, this was much less and we, the users went for less too .

The data we currently have puts Appe TV behind Google Chromecast and Roku . This is not at all a good figure for Apple. Apple has not managed to innovate in the world of televisions, yet.

Apple TV is falling more and more

According to data provided by eMarketer, currently only 11.9% of users use this Apple platform . It is less than 12.5% ​​of users who used it in September, or 12.6% of people who used it in 2015. And without a doubt, it loses against 13.4% of users in 2014.

Some fall, some rise

This is offset by the rise in Chromecast, which is used by 19.9% ​​of users after Christmas . While in September it was used by 18.4% of users. Both figures well in excess of 16.2% of Chromecast users in 2015.

Roku is not far behind in this comparison, in the Christmas season has reached the figure of 18.2% of users, surpassing the 15.2% of September.

This does not mean that Apple earn less, considering that the Apple TV is much more expensive than its competitors , it is quite possible that Apple earn more money than its competitors.

Apple should continue to work on this platform if it does not want to be left behind . Or disappear. Apple has not fulfilled certain promises it made, such as the pack of TV channels that would bring to its platform and have not brought.

Apple has recently increased the size of its applications from 200mb to 4GB , which makes developers have more leeway in Apple TV applications.

Hopefully Apple will not abandon this project - unless it has decided to surprise us with something much better, of course.

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