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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Apple wants to know how you use iCloud in your day to day

"Every human being has a right to privacy", without a doubt, is a nice phrase to accompany business discourses related to privacy. However, we are increasingly taking these words more loosely , and in many cases we ourselves commit attacks against this right , doing much more harm than we do that a multinational company records our use of the network to "improve its services ".

The tinted glass that protects our life from the tirelessly curious public eye is increasingly thin and weak , the question is, will it benefit us in the future? Or, on the contrary, it will help to make those attacks mentioned earlier increase even faster. It all depends on the decisions we make when exposing ourselves, on knowing how to distinguish between a trust entity and another entity that is not. Today, Apple gives us the opportunity to choose.

Your data can help make iCloud better

As I indicated before, we should know how to distinguish between those who can make good use of our information, and those who do not. And Apple, again, gives us reason to consider it from this first group, allowing us to choose whether or not to grant access to our iCloud usage statistics .

And is that from iOS 10.3, if we authorize, our devices will be able to send information about how we use iCloud in order to improve the service in the future. Of course, it will not send us to analyze the photos that we have in our library, or our list of relevant mails, but it sends something like the routines of use of the services, in the same way that it does with iOS if we allow it in The first power-on or through Settings.

Personally, I can understand that some are a little scared by this new feature, but I think people should consider accepting the request. I have been able to see the usefulness of these tools in some software developments, and they are really effective in knowing what aspect to give priority to when making changes . And I sincerely believe, that Apple needs to be told where they fail, so they can solve it correctly.

Source | AppleInsider

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