Apple will continue to add more features to its larger device -


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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Apple will continue to add more features to its larger device

Since the launch of the first Plus Apple has always differed somewhat in its Plus devices, compared to the smaller, but the same generation. This is a fact. With the seventh generation of the iPhone we saw how Apple took a step forward in this difference .

In the iPhone 7 Plus we have a double camera, as done main differential - but not unique. This differentiation has meant the complete separation between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, although share design do not share the features they offer the user.

Sales of the iPhone 7 Plus are going well and Apple wants it to remain so

Apple's decision to limit the dual camera to the iPhone 7 Plus may have been due to space limitations , but the move has fared better than expected.

The study of sales of the iPhone 7 Plus contributes that of the iPhone 7 sold 40% are the largest terminal . Compared to sales of the iPhone 6 Plus, which only covered 17% of sales, it makes Tim Cook's eyes shine.

These figures represent a 2% profit for the company of the bite apple . If the estimates are accurate, the benefit of differentiating between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus will keep Apple in line for future releases.

This means that there may be the case where Apple may add functionality to the smaller device so stop doing to differentiate . If users are willing to pay more for better technology Apple is willing to give it to us.

Apple may reduce the price of its iPhone by about three dollars , because Apple has not been as successful sales as expected. We do not believe that this is a fact to worry about, but the trend of the market.

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