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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Apple will develop a more personalized Siri thanks to iCloud

With the beta available , we are waiting for the release of iOS 10.3 for iPad and iPhone, which, in addition to solving battery problems and implementing the Find my AirPods feature , seems to integrate an improved Siri with more artificial intelligence and a Greater collection of user information in iCloud Analytics , aimed at improving Siri and other functionalities.

The imperative need to improve Siri is a reality . If the Google assistant took the colors a couple of months ago because of their poor contextualization , the rest of Virtual Assistants Amazon, Samsung, etc. They promise to make it even more difficult.

So Apple has decided to get down to work. The "problem" is that it has chosen to develop functions that will collect and analyze user files and trends using iCloud Analytics. The question is: will you voluntarily activate this functionality that controls your personal data to improve the Siri experience?

According to Apple, iCloud Analytics would capture data from iCloud services including location, iCloud Drive, email, photos, contacts, calendar, notes, key ring, Find My iPhone and iTunes. Likewise, it would also collect details of the operating system and hardware such as specifications, performance statistics or data usage. A whole arsenal of personal information in your possession .

In any case, if Apple did decide to develop that route, it assures that there would be a strict privacy policy . Likewise, we also hope that an additional security will be implemented that makes the access to this information difficult.

To date, Apple has been very critical of other companies trying to monetize the data they collect from users, by disregarding the rest through something called "differential privacy" developed in iOS 10, a new protocol that anticipates this new Is falling .

It is comforting to know that thanks to this differential privacy, it can be said that none of the information collected identifies you personally, and if it does, it is eliminated before being sent to Apple.

This iCloud Analytics feature is already available in beta iOS 10.3 but we do not know if it will be released in the official version, in any case Apple insists that it will be a possibility that the user can activate or deactivate according to the precision and efficiency that he expects of Siri .

Via | ZDNet

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