Apple will forge the iPhone 8 chassis with stainless steel -


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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Apple will forge the iPhone 8 chassis with stainless steel

According to rumors of Taiwanese DigiTimes website, Apple could move from Foxconn, his usual manufacturer regarding aluminum chassis and orders have started a new setting using stainless steel chassis for iPhone 8 from the manufacturer Jabil. In this way, Apple would return to a material that gave such good results and left there for the iPhone 4s.

And is that the iPhone 4s had two bands made with a steel alloy, so that his body was composed of a kind of sandwich of glass and steel. However , since the iPhone 5 Apple opted for aluminum as metallic material chosen in shaping the body of your iPhone, mainly thanks to the combination of lightness and durability.

Aluminum is a material that enchants the Cupertino, having made not only the latest iPhone, but also the Apple Watch or Mac. But after the notorious "bendgate" 2014 , Apple began to focus on research of other alloys material itself, not discarding leave in search of other equally lightweight materials, but more resistant.

If confirmed this rumor of an iPhone 8 with stainless steel chassis, the manufacturing process would obviously be very different to that carried out during the manufacture of the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4s. Without going any further, the technique would be to forge instead of milling was used at that time.

And the setting - which is the process by which a metal is melted, allowing make molds and joining them later - provides structural rigidity to support much better torsional stresses and bending. Taking into account Apple's taste for products with exquisite finishes and the need to incorporate details such as internal screws and anchor points, it is likely that there will still be parts that include milling.

Thus, the iPhone 8 will be composed of a glass body with an interior of pure stainless steel, getting somehow achieve such a thin and elegant as aesthetic he usually does - however this borderless screen will be majestic - but much more resistant.

Via | AppleInsider

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