Apple will join the consortium for IA development -


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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Apple will join the consortium for IA development

Artificial intelligence is currently one of the fastest-evolving fields in both the business and consumer environments. And, with a good use, can give rise to a new era of prosperity, in which the effectiveness of our society is increased significantly thanks to new intelligent systems created with an autonomous learning ability. Created to solve problems that humans can not solve .

However, like any technology, and like any field of science, artificial intelligence could be exploited for other purposes not as reliable as the latter. They say that all technology is developed to improve our defense capabilities, to overcome challenges of an exclusively military nature, but it does not have to be always this way , and this consortium has been created precisely for that.

"Partnership on AI", the alliance for an AI dedicated to the well-being of society

In order to contribute to the correct development of artificial intelligence and to prevent them from being used for doubtful purposes, the consortium "Partnership on AI" has been created. This great association is made up of some of the largest technological companies in the world together with some American institutions, all of them united with the same objective.

The alliance establishes three main goals, supporting the good use of artificial intelligence, public disclosure of its potential, and the development of an open platform for direct communication between all entities involved in the field.

In this way, it will ensure that future generations can live benefiting from all the possibilities offered by AI , and will encourage the advancement of research in this field of information technology. All this, to have the best of futures, one in which mankind has no limits.

Source | Partnership on AI

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