Apple works to improve the security of its health platform -


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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Apple works to improve the security of its health platform

Our health is our most precious asset , above anything else in our lives. Good health, it allows us to go ahead with everything that we propose at all times, and that is precisely why Apple decided some time ago to dedicate part of its resources to developing various systems to help investigate ways to improve it.

Some time ago, Apple announced the publication of two specific tools for the development of medical tools to help patients of all kinds of diseases. This project was well received by several institutions , which began to create applications that took advantage of these tools.

Our health data, safer than ever

ResearchKit and CareKit, which is what they call these tools developed by Apple, work with the most sensitive data in our lives , our health data. This is why Apple has decided to direct one of the focuses of its development in the security of the platform.

According to Mashable , security firm Tresorit has signed an agreement with Apple for the implementation of its ZeroKit technology in the tools of CareKit. In this way, CareKit will be more secure than ever for all developers who decide to create their medical application with it.

Safety as part of our daily life

Again, Apple shows the world the high relevance it gives to security when developing their products. As I said, in a field such as health, the security of our data is fundamental , and with this movement, the company proves to be up to the circumstances.

Personally, I will not tire of saying it, we do not give security the importance it deserves . The average citizen circulates through the net as if it were a rose garden, and does not realize that at any moment it can take a good scare, and this, can not be allowed at this time and in the XXI century.

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