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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Apple's AirPods Lead the Headset Market

Less than a month into the launch of the AirPods and in less than 30 days the latest Cupertino gadget has already dismantled the handset sales market, clearing itself as the absolute leader in sales. And the AirPods seem to have come to stay , says consultancy Slice Intelligence.

From the first graph two very important facts are deduced: this Christmas the acquisition of headphones has caused furor among the consumers and Apple has once again managed to mark trends of consumption obtaining to settle the sale of wireless headphones ahead of the traditional ones with cable.

In the United States alone, 75% of the headphones sold online were cable-less compared to 50% in the same month of 2015. AirPods have established themselves as absolute leaders of this revolution , making 26% of those purchasers of wireless headsets Decanten by the Apple AirPods.

And the AirPods have arrived to stay, stealing the leadership to the iconic Beats, which fall to 15.4% compared to the 24.1% they were in last year. Considering that both belong to Apple, we find that Cupertino alone manage to get 40% of the market for headphones .

The sale of headphones during the Christmas of 2016 has been 10 times superior to the ones of 2015, with the 13 of December marked in the calendar like top of sales, that is to say, neither Black Friday nor Cyber ​​Monday could with the launch of the AirPods .

The study highlights that 85% of buyers are men, of which 35% are millennials. The female age profile shifts to more advanced ages, the baby boom generation. To elaborate this report they analyzed the customs of purchase from the 13 to the 31 of December of almost 3,000 people in the United States.

Tim Cook seemed to be right when he said that AirPod sales were being a success and the best was yet to come. Supply problems have occurred on a couple of occasions because of the bulk purchase. But due to the secrecy of Apple, we will continue without knowing concrete figures.

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