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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Are the constant criticisms about iOS 10 true?

It's been a few months since the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus , and Apple's smartphones seem to have passed the most critical review.

But now it's up to iOS 10 , and is that despite the many updates of different versions of the mobile operating system of the iPhone and iPad, many users are still unhappy with its operation .

So on this occasion we ask the following question to all our readers: Are the constant criticisms about iOS 10 true?

Has iOS gone worse in the last few years?

Apple shines with its own light, and it does so by shadowing the rest of the companies. So also with its mobile operating system, which in the opinion of many and despite the mistakes is still the best in the market.

But unfortunately, the user experience of iOS 10 has been getting worse after the appearance of bugs and problems of instability in the system.

Yes, iOS 10 has introduced major changes such as redesigning the user interface, Control Center news, Rich Notifications and iMessage enhancements . But it has brought other problems like the unlock method, draining the battery, poor calibration of it, and much more.


Following the release of new versions of iOS there is always a noticeable reduction in battery life in older devices. By all is known the unfortunate programmed obsolescence of Apple and its products . This is normal, and of course has also happened in iOS 10.

But there is another problem much more serious with the battery in iOS 10, and is that in many devices (especially the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s) the calibration of the battery has an incomprehensible bug that makes the battery jump 15% to 0% (and the like).

Control center 

Many users have loved the new iOS 10 Control Center , but many others find it awful to have to switch from the main card to the playback card to control the audio volume .


IOS Notifications have a new design , and aesthetically it is quite visual and attractive. However, Notifications are grouped by default and it is very uncomfortable to interact with them in the Notification Center.

Lock screen 

The Lock Screen has also received many changes, but users hate that Apple has removed the iconic "Slide to Unlock" functionality. Now, you have to press the Home button to unlock the device, or if not, to use the Touch ID function.


On the other hand, there are other problems like blocking the rotation of the screen on some iPad, and inaccurate duration of the automatic locking of the screen.

Obviously, everyone can not be happy with the updates of each update of iOS, but given the many bugs that have appeared after the presentation of iOS 10 is acceptable to think that Apple has taken a step forward and another step back in many aspects.

So, are the criticisms about iOS 10 true? We completely agree with the reports and discontent of many of our readers , and it is that many bugs are really uncomfortable and spoil the experience and usability of the system. On the other hand, it must be recognized that iOS 10 has brought new developments very useful to the iPhone and iPad. And you do you think? 

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