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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Change the colors of the control center buttons with Cream 2 and Creamless (jailbreak)

As of iOS 10, the control center's alternate controls are colored when activated. However, who does not like the look of the new settlements in the control center 10 and have installed iOS jailbreak iOS beta of 10.1.1 beta Luca Todesco you can use one of the two jailbreak tweaks called Cream 2 and Creamless To customize all control center colors or disable them completely.

On the one hand, Cream 2 is similar to the original tweak Cream, which allows the control center color to your liking.

With Cream 2 you can configure custom colors that the device does not have, which means you get the benefit of customizing your control center experience on iOS 10.

This tweak adds a preference pane in the Settings application, where you can set the colors of your liking buttons.

Using the compendium of options to configure, you can adjust your custom colors, and tap the blue "Respring" button at the top right of the preferences panel to save your settings.

On the other hand, Creamless is a bit monotonous tun, so it does not offer many options to change the colors of buttons Control Center, but can be ideal for those who do not want big changes in the panel control center .

With the tweak installed, the buttons will light up a lighter gray color rather than show all sorts of garish colors, such as blue, orange, purple and red.

Creamless has no options to configure, so there is no way to turn the tweak on or off. As soon as it is installed, the default colors of the Control center will be removed and will remain unchanged until the tweak is removed via Cydia.

If you are interested in downloading Cream 2 or Creamless on your iOS 10 jailbreak device, you can do it for free from the Cydia BigBoss repository.

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